#18 Scott Horton, books to understand libertarianism and anti-war book recommendations

Scott Horton is an author, editor, radio host, and more. Scott is the director of the Libertarian Institute and editorial director of antiwar.com. Horton is the author of four published books (links below) and is working on his next book Provoked: How America Started the New Cold War With Russia and the Catastrophe in Ukraine. As the host of the Scott Horton Show and Antiwar Radio, Horton has done more than 5,900 interviews since 2003.

In this episode, Scott gives us book recommendations for anyone wanting to learn more about libertarianism, and also gives us book recommendations to re-think how we view war in America. There are a lot of books referenced in this episode and a lot of information shared. We are confident this episode will make you re-think certain viewpoints.

Purchase Scott’s book’s here: www.amazon.com/stores/Scott-Horton/author

For a list of all books referenced in this episode go here:

Follow Scott on Twitter: @scotthortonshow

To stay up to date with Scott and see all of his projects go to: scotthorton.org

Books referenced in this episode:

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