#19 Mayor Kane’s Must-Read List: Glenn Jacobs’ Favorite Books Revealed

Join us for an engaging conversation with Glenn Jacobs, mayor of Knox County, TN who you may also know as WWE superstar Kane! In this episode, we’ll discuss the books that shaped his political views, the books that he reflects on as Mayor, and books he’s enjoyed for a long time. We’ll also explore some of his favorite authors and what they mean to him. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the fascinating Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs! Subscribe to our channel for more insightful discussions and reading recommendations.

Learn more about Mayor Jacobs here: jacobsformayor.com

Follow him on Social Media:

Instagram: @glennjacobstn

Facebook: facebook.com/jacobsformayor

Twitter: @GlennJacobsTN

YouTube: @GlennJacobsTN

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List of books referenced this episode:

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