Hosted by Matt Bechtel and Zach Meissner, the Book Brilliant podcast features guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. This podcast is made to teach you something, and have you walk away from each episode with more books to check out. You can check out the Book Brilliant podcast on YouTube and everywhere else you listen to podcasts including Spotify and Anchor.

Episode 20. Author, Charles Sage: Draft Dodging World War 3

Episode 19. Mayor Kane’s Must-Read List: Glenn Jacobs’ Favorite Books Revealed

Episode 18. Scott Horton, books to understand libertarianism and anti-war book recommendations

Episode 17. Clay Martin Part 2: Omens of the Wendigo

Episode 16. Clay Martin: Wrath of the Wendigo part 1

Episode 15. Jeff Durbin and Luke Pierson, Apologia Church: Heaven, Hell, aliens, and DMT

Episode 14. Clay Martin, Author: Community building, civil unrest, and personal protections

Episode 13. Alan Arnette: Mountaineering, Mount Everest, traveling, and Alzheimer’s

Episode 12. Jack Deere: John Wimber, evangelical movements, and charismatic chaos

Episode 11. Luke Pierson, Apologia Church: Testimony, demons, spiritual warfare, and government

Episode 10. Keith Rovere, Author: Prison ministry, serial killer salvation, murderer sanctification, and some infamous pen pals

Episode 9. Ben Milligan, Author: Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Marine Raiders, and more military history

Episode 8. Blair Dell: Fallujah, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Bags, and lots of books

Episode 7. Part 2 of the 9/11/01 Special with Brendan B. Brown from Wheatus

Episode 6. Part 1 of the 9/11/01 Special with with retired NYPD officer and author Vic Ferrari

Episode 5. Art Alexakis, Everclear: Summerland Tour, parenting advice, and how to talk to someone who’s struggling

Episode 4. Mike Kroeger, Nickelback: Shakespeare, gemology, and marriage

Episode 3. Brendan B. Brown, Wheatus: Teenage Dirtbag, Kurt Vonnegut, BMX, and Satanic Murder

Episode 2. Gerald Sanford: retired New York City Firefighter, author of It Started with a Helmet

Episode 1. Josh Todd, Buckcherry: Richard Ramirez, vocal lessons, and self-education

Intro- Welcome to the Book Brilliant Podcast