“Are there any books you recommend I read?”

“What books do you read?”

“What’s your favorite book?”

Since high school i’ve asked these kinds of questions whenever I was talking to someone I thought of as successful. It makes sense why you would ask someone that, maybe by reading the things a smart person reads you’ll become smart too. That’s where the idea of Book Brilliant came from, here you will find a list of what books smart people are reading and why. Book Brilliant reaches out to each individual who has their own recommendations page here and asks them to give us one to five books they recommend. What you see on each individual’s page is a personal book recommendation straight from that person.¬†Hopefully by going through each profile you’ll find some books that are interesting and help you along your journey.¬†As someone who loves books and finding out what others are reading, it is my goal to make this a place I wish I had found back in high school.

-Matt Bechtel

Creator of Book Brilliant