#9 Ben Milligan, Author: Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Marine Raiders, and more military history

Author and historian Ben Milligan joins us today to talk about his new book By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALS. Ben is a true silent professional who joined the SEAL Teams in 2001 and is a recipient of the Bronze Star among other awards. If you have interest in military history, specifically with Special Operations, this is the episode for you!

You can order signed copies of By Water Beneath the Walls here: https://shop.prairiepathbooks.com/water-beneath-walls-rise-navy-seals

Or you can order it on Amazon here or Barnes & Noble here

Follow Ben on Social Media:

Instagram: @bmilligan3

Twitter: @benhmilligan

For an even deeper dive into Ben’s book I highly recommend you also listen to his episode on the Jocko Podcast here: Jocko Podcast 298: The Way of The Frogman. “By The Water Beneath The Walls” With Ben Milligan

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