#5 Art Alexakis, Everclear: Summerland Tour, parenting advice, and how to talk to someone who’s struggling

Art Alexakis is a musician best known as frontman and founder of the band Everclear. Currently Everclear is touring America on the Summerland Tour which you can find here. Art is also currently going through training to become a certified alcohol and drug counselor, a Life Coach, as well as pursuing a degree in psychology. In this episode Art shared some really great and practical advice for helping those who are struggling, as well as giving out some parenting advice. We truly believe you will take something away from this conversation and can’t thank Art enough.

You can check out this episode on Youtube or by clicking here: anchor.fm/bookbrilliant

Go to summerlandtour.net to get tickets to the show and stay up to date with Everclear on their website at everclearmusic.com

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