Review: Social Media Is Bullshit

Posted By Matt on Nov 8, 2016 | 0 comments

Social Media Is Bullshit by B.J. Mendelson
This book was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been engaged in what Brandon calls “The Asshole Based” economy the past couple of years, reading their blogs, reading their books, listening to their podcasts, watching their videos, etc. But anyone who has ever tried using social media for a small business or even just tried running a Facebook page, will quickly realize that what a lot of these guys talk about is complete bullshit and the only real winners are the platforms you use. I felt better after reading this book and was reassured that sticking to my website and making connections in person mattered more than just having a lot of followers on “the big 6 platforms”.
If you are someone who reads a lot of books on marketing I absolutely recommend this book for you.
-also the author has a great sense of humor.

(Quick edit, I originally wrote this review after first reading this book, since then we have a page of book recommendations from the author here: B.J. Mendelson’s book recommendations)


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