Review: 1776

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1776 by David McCullough
Description: This book is about the individuals who fought in the year the Declaration of Independence was written. Perspectives are given from a wide source of American patriots, including George Washington, but also every day men from schoolteachers to farmers who played a role in our countries fight for freedom, as well as the perspective from the British. The book opens at 1775 and ends in January 1777. This book is well written, and has over 70 pages of notes.

My Thoughts: This was one of those books that I would pick up and chip away at over time so it took me a little longer to read but that is not a reflection on its quality. I loved the portrayals of everyone involved in this war because McCullough did an excellent job showing their human side and the tremendous stress they were put through. Reading about Washington’s worries and doubts was actually something I appreciated because it helped me remember that all leaders feel stress, worry, and doubt at times, yet still find a way to rise above these situations. There were definitely a lot of struggles going on in this time period I didn’t know about which only makes these stories more amazing. Another thing I enjoyed are the stories of young men being of importance during the creation of our nation, as someone who just turned 22, this was something I enjoyed reading about.

Read This Book If: If you like reading about American history, the revolutionary war, George Washington, or military history.

Notable Quotes: “There are no people on earth in whom a spirit of enthusiastic zeal is so readily kindled, and burns so remarkable, as Americans.”
“In truth the situation was worse than they realized, and no one perceived this as clearly as Washington. Seeing things as they were, and not as he would wish them to be, was one of his salient strengths.”


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